Updating the exterior of your home not only increases curb appeal, but can make your home more energy efficient and help prevent leaks.


Siding is as much about appearance as it is about keeping your home insulated. If you have cracked or old siding its likely the thermal barrier underneath isn't insulating your home as it should. We work with a variety of siding products, but specialize in vinyl, which is long lasting and doesn't need to be repainted. We also put consideration into the R-value of the materials behind the siding so upon completion your home will not only be more beautiful but can be more energy efficient.


When gutters clog and overflow, water drains against the house and can potentially cause foundation damage and even a flooded basement. In the winter the overflow of melting snow will create ice dams on the roof. Absolute Remodeling skillfully pitches gutters so they function as they should and are certified in installing products such as Leaf Relief. Leaf Relief keeps out leaves, pine needles, branches and other debris allowing water to flow freely and saving you the aggravation of cleaning out your gutters. We also offer heat-cable installation to help prevent ice damns in the winter.


A deck is one of the most sought after features of a home, creating living space outside. Over time, natural elements can ruin its appearance and compromise its structure. If your deck needs a face lift or are looking to build from scratch call us. We are experienced in both wood and composite products. We will work closely with you to design a truly custom deck that matches your home's style and own personal tastes.